Do you offer international shipping?

Yes. At Kwin Lashes Factory, we offer worldwide shipping for our products.

Which shipping services are available?

We only work with trusted shipping couriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Each courier offers express and slow service. Our sales staff will advise you of the best service depending on your need.

Do I have to pay import tax for the parcel?

Kindly be aware that there may be applicable duty fees upon the arrival of goods in your country. Sometimes, customs officers in your country may ask you to pay import duty to get your parcel cleared customs.  How much you have to pay is varied among different countries. 

However, for small orders, it is often the case that import taxes may not apply, or the amount payable may be minimal. 

How much is the international shipping?

The shipping fee is determined by the size/weight of your order and your location. Our sales staff will inform you of the shipping fee when creating the invoice for your order list. For larger orders, the exact shipping cost will be provided after the order production is completed and the order is measured. However, you can request an estimated shipping cost from your sales staff for your convenience.

Can I arrange the shipment by myself?

Kwin Lashes typically handles international shipments for our customers, ensuring a seamless delivery process. However, if you prefer, you have the option to book and arrange your own shipment. In such cases, please note that you will be responsible for paying the shipping fee, as well as any additional costs related to customs clearance in Vietnam that may arise.


Kwin Lashes accepts payment is USD and VND.

We provides convenient options for payment, accepting the following methods of payment to ensure a seamless transaction process: PayPal, Western Union/ Ria Transfer/ Bank Transfer, Hai Ha Transfer. In case you want to use any methods that are not listed here, please kindly discuss with our sale staff. 


Instant Payment


PayPal offers secure and instant transactions. However, PayPal is expensive  and charge a fee on the receiver. Therefore, there is an extra fee of 10% on the amount you pay via PayPal. For example, your order costs 100 USD. You’ll need to pay 110 USD via PayPal.

Therefore, this method is recommended for small/ medium payment less than 3000 USD.

Western Union

and Ria Transfer

Western Union & Ria Transfer

Western Union and Ria Transfer initiates transfers through a network of agents and company-owned stores worldwide. The find is typically available in minutes or a few business days. It’s important to note that sometimes your transactions will be cancelled by the system for a few (silly) reasons and the transfer fee are still charged. 

They are recommended for amount from 500-3000 USD.

Bank Transfer

For Medium/ Big Payments

Bank Transfer

The preferred transfer method at Kwin Lashes is Bank Transfer, which is highly popular among our customers. Typically, it takes 2-4 business days for the transferred funds to arrive. This method is suitable for larger amounts, especially for transactions involving thousands of USD.

To ensure a smooth payment process, please ensure that you enter the correct transfer details to avoid any delays in the payment processing.

Hai Ha Transfer

For Australian Customers Only

Hai Ha Transfer

Hai Ha Transfer is a method specially for transferring money from Australia to Vietnam. Therefore, it’s recommended for Australian customers only. This method has a limitation on the amount you can send. For this reason, Hai Ha Transfer is suitable for small and medium amount up to 5000 USD.