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Feedback about lashes tray in wholesale

Are you a wholesaler struggling to find how to buy lashes tray in wholesale? You want to discover whether or not there is a lash supplier that  meets 100% expectations: high-quality, affordable price and OEM service. This article is for you. In this post, I will provide all information about how to buy lashes tray in wholesale from A to Z.

1. Where to buy lashes tray in wholesale: China – Viet Nam 

Is your business importing lashes trays in wholesale from China? Are you considering whether or not to purchase lashes tray from a lashes factory in Vietnam? However, in today’s lash market, Vietnamese lashes are now popular and purchased by many large wholesalers and lash artists all over the world. As a result, China is no longer the most popular destination for customers interested in purchasing lashes. The factors listed below will help you decide which is best for your needs.

  • Not pricey: Compared to VN, types of lashes are quite high because of material and wage which is from 3.5$/tray. In Viet Nam, the wholesale price is only from 2,2$/ tray with high – quality 
  • Quality of lash: False lashes in China have a square base and a narrow opening, so when applied to their eyes, they do not look beautiful or natural. Vietnamese lashes, on the other hand, have a lovely fan and a sharp pointy base. And these days, all lash wholesales are starting to use lashes with sharp pointy bases because they are so simple to apply.
The different lashes tray in Viet Nam and China
Where to buy lashes tray in wholesale: China – Viet Nam
  • Stock: China is exporting material from North Korea, but there is a border embargo imposed by North Korea due to the COVID -19 pandemic. As a result, many lash factories in China are currently out of stock. In Vietnam, we manufacture and complete all stages in-house, ensuring that an adequate supply of lashes is always available for my customers.
  • Shipping cost: In China, the shipping cost is lower than Vietnam because China has more flight routes. Therefore, it allows them to offer a faster and cost-effective shipping option for small packages, which is the biggest advantage of China manufacturers.

For this reason, you will know whether this lash supplier is the best choice. In addition, Viet Nam will be a good and long-term partner by providing high-quality lashes at reasonable prices. Choosing Vietnam lashes factory is the best choice to establish a win-win relationship in the business.

2. How to find a trustworthy lashes tray in wholesale.

How to buy lashes tray in wholesale price from reliable suppliers? A world away from the supplier, you do not know who your supplier really is, let alone trust him. However, you can distinguish between a reputation supplier and a scammer supplier. Kwin lashes can give you some advice on how to identify trustworthy lashes suppliers:

2.1. Verified brand name

A trustworthy lashes factory that imports lashes must have a well-established brand name. The brand name is the simplest way for lash vendors to tell imported lashes apart. All lashes images and videos uploaded on social media by trusted lashes suppliers  have a trademark, watermark, lashes label, logo label tag to authorize the products. Meanwhile, with lashes suppliers use unverified brand names or do not include a logo on their products, you cannot track the origin of their lashes, and you also are afraid to send them money for fear of being scammed.

2.2. Quality of lashes tray

  • Materials: Raw materials (PBT material) are imported directly from Korea, which is heat-bonded. Lashes that are made from PBT material are robust and have a natural glossy sheen. Moreover, they keep their curls better. But how do you know whether or not lashes companies use PBT material? Kwin lashes will reveal some tips for you. You can ask this lashes supplier what materials they often make a lashes tray and show a clear picture or video when they manufacture this lashes. 
  • Sharp pointy base: It makes it easier to apply to natural lashes. If the base is square, the eyelash extension is terrible and when you apply your eye that causes eyesore. The more lashes that have a point base, the higher the quality.
 Lashes tray in wholesale
Sharp pointy base
  • Feedback: One of the most reliable tools for evaluating this supplier is feedback. As you know, a large supplier is considered reliable if it is present on multiple trusted social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and others and receives a large amount of feedback from your customers everyday. This extensive coverage demonstrates the company’s dependability as well as its size.
Feedback about lashes tray in wholesale
Feedback from customers
buy lashes tray in wholesale
Instagram at Kwin lashes

Visit our instagram to see more feedbacks: kwinlashes.babe

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2.3. Signs of being scammed by fraudulent lashes vendors

Lashes markets are becoming increasingly popular. That means that many people take advantage of customers’ trust in order to defraud them. And, if you don’t want to waste time or money, why not take a look at our list of suggestions? I swear it’s the best first option.

  • No website/ No social media
  • No brand name
  • Not willing to see how the lashes are made or the factory where they are made.
  • Superficial lashes knowledge
  • Rush you to pay

3. Which payments you can use for buying lashes tray in wholesale

After you are completely satisfied with the lashes tray and have chosen the best suppliers to buy lashes tray in wholesale, you will proceed to the next step: payment. There are numerous payment methods available, but it all depends on your budget and the manner you like. We’ve included some of the most common payment methods you can use when purchasing lashes tray in wholesale, along with its benefits and drawbacks.

Payments Pros Cons
  • Easy to use 
  • Give you an extra level of security and fraud prevention. If you pay for a purchase using PayPal that ends up being fraudulent, PayPal can help get your money back. If you buy the first time, you should use Paypal
  • Keeping that information safe.


  • High conversion rate. Many vendors charge high fees when paying paypal, you have to check 5-15% of the payable amount
Western Union/ Ria Transfer 
  • Wide variety of services available for consumers and businesses
  •  Enable cash pickup
  • Send money quickly and money is available to pick up in minutes and convenient 
  • Fee in Ria Transfer is lower than Western Union
  • Not all channels are available in every country.  Transaction fee is high and exchange rate margin
  •  No secure method of payment. When you are scammed, you can’t get your money  back 
  • It’s limited when you transmit a huge amount of money, thus it’s not appropriate for large-scale transactions. 
Bank transfer (USD)
  • Available worldwide
  • Safe to transfer
  • Time-consuming because you need go to bank to exchange your money
  • High processing fee

4. Shipping to buy lashes tray in wholesale

There are a lot of shipping ways that lash companies can deliver lashes tray for your order. Below some shipping methods you can refer: 

  • UPS/DHL/FedEX: this is the fastest way to deliver if you are in a hurry to try this lashes tray which has the best service and can protect your products safely. It takes 4-5 working days to deliver for you. However, the shipping cost is very costly. 
  • Cargo: The shipping cost is lower than other shipping methods. Actually, this is a shipping agent that collects goods to deliver to other countries. Then, they will book shipment with airlines, so the shipping time is longer and takes 1- 2 weeks. For this long time, your product can be lost on the shipping way

Besides, if the lashes suppliers do not give you the proper support, you might encounter many problems with the shipment, when you import Vietnam lashes, you can even meet the struggles with customs at the airport. You will have to pay thousands of dollars to the airport officers to get your parcel, or even worse in some strict countries, your parcel might be held.

Therefore, choosing the right supplier is strategic. Sometimes, the cheapest price is not the cheapest – you have to be wary when it comes to importing Viet Nam lashes.

KWIN LASHES  accompanies the customers with the shipment! We have a strategic partner to offer the cheapest shipping fee. Also, all of their services cost only a  amount of money, say, the cheapest in Vietnam. We understand that shipping cost always is your biggest worry to customers, so we try our best to find a reasonable price for dear. The sales team is willing to consult with you in order to identify the finest shipping option for you. 

Contact Ms. Sunny – Sales Director at Kwin Lashes to get the wholesale prices:

XL lashes tray in wholesale
XL tray (20 lines/tray)

5. OEM/ODM service when you buy lashes tray in wholesale

In this part, I will grasp all information about OEM/ODM service when you buy lashes tray in wholesale.

5.1. What is OEM/ODM service?

  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is made  according to the buyer’s product specification. For example, a customized design, material, dimensions, functionality, or even colors can be classified as OEM.
  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) is based on an existing design, which are often called ‘private label products, and can be branded with the buyer’s logo.
OEM/ODM service for lashes tray in wholesale
OEM/ODM services at Kwin lashes

5.2. Why do you make OEM/ODM services?

OEM/ODM customers means the market trend, the more OEM/ODM customers you have, the higher market share of your custom eyelash products. Below I will list some reasons that you’ll decide to make OEM/ODM service right now:

  • Increase brand image: customers can remember who your company is and save time and money on R&D because it has already been done for you
  • Reach a lot of customers effectively: although the cost of making it is quite high, you can buy a large of products and your customers will increase trust in your company
the best OEM/ODM service
Preparing for Kwin
lashes’s big order

5.3. Where to find reliable manufacturer of OEM/ODM service in Viet Nam.

In VietNam, Kwin lashes are known as the best company to do OEM/ODM service in the lashes market. With Kwin Lashes , we are not just a manufacturer, we are your partners. We not only supply premium lashes but also support you in branding. We will take you to the pinnacle of success in this lashes industry.  

Besides, our factory especially offers OEM service for our wholesaler customers. We support customers free designing for all customers who use our OEM services. Just send your logo and request, our designer team will do the rest. 

Kwin Lashes with the high-skill designer will help you to design a beautiful and luxurious tray. If you have any other special requests, don’t worry. Kwin lashes can be customized for you. Please contact us to get the best support from our sales staff. 

buy lashes tray in wholesale

6. Why you should choose KWIN LASHES to buy lashes tray in wholesale

With millions of satisfied customers worldwide, Kwin Lashes guarantees to provide you with high-quality false eyelashes made from the best PBT synthetic materials. Not only do we provide excellent products, but we also offer lower prices than other factories because we have our own production facilities staffed by lash manufacturing experts. Founded in 2010, Kwin lashes is now one of the longest standing manufacturers of false lashes extensions in Vietnam.  We export to a lot of customers in the world  and now we are a partner of  many big customers/ vendors worldwide such as Australia, UK, US,.. Kwin lashes, as one of the first lash companies, always ensures that we have extensive experience and a high level of expertise in the false lash selling field. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our products and services.

Buy lashes tray in wholesale
Good feedback at Kwin lashes

Kwin Lash Co., Ltd – Wholesale eyelash supplies

  • The leading false eyelash extensions in Vietnam, a specialist in false eyelashes.
  • Specialized in processing eyelash extensions, eyelash strips on request from customers.
  • Skillful worker to manufacture lashes
  • Working model OEM / ODM – Eyelash private labels
  • Founded by a leading specialist in eyelash manufacturing.
  • Experienced staff, supervised by long time experts.

How we work:

  • Quality assurance
  • Affordable, wholesale price
  • Professional work
  • Sample support to check the quality
  • Global delivery

Contact Ms. Sunny – Sales Director at Kwin Lashes to get the wholesale prices:

  • Instagram: kwin_lashes_ms_sunny
  • Whatsapp: +84942967054 

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