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Tips for enhancing lash retention

Tips for enhancing lash retention

You adore eyelash extensions because they make your eyes sparkle, but you’re concerned that they won’t stay long and will cost you money to refill. You see certain women out there who possess great lash retention and wonder how they get it. We are glad to inform you that there are numerous primary reasons why their eyelashes stay longer. You may also have better lash retention when following these top recommendations below. 

Tips for enhancing lash retention
Tips for enhancing lash retention

1. What is lash retention and its importance?

Before we get into specific methods for improving lash retention, let’s review what exactly lash retention is and its significance in doing eyelash extensions.

1.1. What is lash retention?

Basically, we can understand that lash retention is simply the amount of time eyelash extensions last on the natural lash before falling out. Every day, the majority of customers lose 3 – 5 natural lashes per eye. This is perfectly normal and healthy since new lashes will grow in their place. For this reason, clients desire lash refills to “top up” their lashes lines as a way of replacing those that have grown too long or have fallen out.

1.2. The importance of lash retention in eyelash extensions

When doing eyelash extensions, everyone always wants to obtain the best lash retention so that they don’t have to worry too much about the appearance as well as the cost of refilling.

  • Good lash retention not only helps you achieve a perfect look but also helps to maintain your lash line health. Your eyes will be brighter and more attractive than ever before.
  • Furthermore, longer lash retention indicates that you are performing extremely good eyelash care steps and do not have any unwanted effects or allergies to your eyes.
  • Above all, maintaining healthy lash lines can help you save money when you get eyelash extensions the next time. It will be longer to return and get another set of eyelash extensions, saving you both time and money.
The importance of lash retention in eyelash extensions
The importance of lash retention in eyelash extensions

2. Reasons for lash retention problems

There are several causes of lash retention issues, which can vary from product selection to methods of application and even the natural environment.

  • As for many customers, the problem is due to inadequate preparation. With a view to making lash extensions to attach in the best way, the natural lashes must be clean and free of oil. It is vital to clean the lash lines before applying any lash extensions.
  • The environmental conditions are also another factor. It is the responsibility of a lash artist to ensure that the humidity and temperature around are optimal for applying glue and other materials. The too hot, cold, or dry atmosphere will provoke application issues, which may also result in lash retention issues.
  • In addition, as a lash artist, using improper goods (or poorly storing the correct products) can put you into trouble. Glue that dries too fast or slowly and lash extensions that are too heavy for your client’s natural lashes will probably ruin the lash health a lot. Make sure you understand the items you should use, how to use them, and how to take full advantage of them.
  • That clients that do not follow aftercare instructions are also a major problem with lash retention. They may fail to recognize that whatever they are doing is directly affecting their lash extensions. In this case, lash stylists should remind clients of paying attention to given advice.
Reasons for lash retention problems
Reasons for lash retention problems

3. Tips for enhancing lash retention

So, how can people maintain their better and longer lash retention? For further information, please see the section below.

3.1. Tips for enhancing lash retention. As for a lash artist

A skilled lash stylist will spend their time on the right work since clients’ safety and satisfaction should be the top priority.

  • Examine the angle to put the lash extensions; they should be completely parallel to the natural lashes. If the base of the extension is not completely attached, it is likely to fall out soon. Similarly, when the insertion angle is excessively steep, the connection between natural lashes and lash extensions is greatly restricted, reducing the extension’s lifetime. 
  • Before you begin lashing, make sure your customers’ lashes are totally clean. Use a mild lash cleanser to remove all traces of makeup, grease, or other residues, leaving you with a clean status for your lash extensions. Furthermore, check carefully to see whether the lashes are completely dry or not so that the aftercare lash retention can be longer.
  • The process of misting is really essential, but only if done correctly. Wait at least 2 minutes after placing the last lash in the correct direction and then mist to kickstart the curing. Keep everything simple as possible! Remember to mist for a maximum of 30 seconds at a distance of at least 12 inches from your customer’s face.
  • Lash retention issues are more common among clients with oily skin since oil can impair the connection of the adhesive. Fortunately, there are some key methods for mitigating the effects of oil. For example, you can use a lash bath to remove excess oils from customers’ lashes.
Tips for enhancing lash retention. As for a lash artist
Tips for enhancing lash retention. As for a lash artist

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3.2. Tips for enhancing lash retention. As for a customer

In addition to the fact that lash artists need to follow certain rules, customers also need to take proper care after doing lash extensions.

  • Use an authorized lash cleaner to wash your extensions on a regular basis. Lash cleansers aid in the removal of oil from the lashes, which can negatively affect lash retention in the long run. Make sure your lashes are clean, they will last longer.
  • Every day, brush your lashes with a clean mascara wand, making your lashes curl and thick. Thanks to this action, the lash lines definitely look gorgeous.
  • Avoid over-the-top eye makeup. Makeup on the eyes might have a detrimental influence on lash retention. In order to maintain a bright and fresh look, remember to follow this advice.
  • After getting the lash extensions, keep your face dry and avoid steam for about 48 hours. It means that you should keep your face away from hot water and the like.
  • Sleeping on your back is the greatest method when having eyelash extensions. This will prevent wear and tear on your lashes and maintain a fuller and better look for a long period of time. 
  • The key to improving your lash retention is to keep up with your refill schedule. If you wait too long between treatments, your natural lashes will have shed gradually. For this reason, frequent maintenance is the best way to keep your eyelash extensions in good condition and extend their lifespan.
Tips for enhancing lash retention. As for a customer
Tips for enhancing lash retention. As for a customer

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