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Can you swim with eyelash extensions?

Can you swim with eyelash extensions?

Love swimming? Samesies! Most of us like to take a long dip in the pool every once in a while. Come summer, it’s hard to beat scorching afternoons without a refreshing swim. What if you have lash extensions on? Can you swim while wearing eyelash extensions? This article is for you!

Can you swim with eyelash extensions?

1. Can you swim with eyelash extensions?

You can go to the swimming pool with eyelash extensions, but keep in mind that you have to get your lash extensions done less than 4 hours ago. That being said, soaking in the swimming pool for hours on end isn’t recommended if you want to keep your eyelash extension last longer. 

Most swimming pools use chlorine to treat the water, which reacts directly with lash adhesives. Although chlorine is well-known for its ability to remove bacteria from water, overly chlorinated pools are extremely harmful to the entire body. 

Chlorine ends up causing this because Cyanoacrylate-based glues have a tendency of descaling in small quantities when exposed to chlorine and with time, eyelash extensions may un-stick from the natural lashes. The result: you have to go for a refill after every swim!

Although a dip in the pool every now and then will not harm your lashes, doing so on a regular basis will cause your extensions to fall out sooner than usual.

Can you swim with eyelash extensions?

2. How to clean eyelash extensions after swimming.

Cleaning eyelash extensions after swimming is crucial because it helps you to remove solvents like salt or chlorine on your eyelashes before it reacts with the lash glue used to set your extensions.

Aside from removing salt and chlorine from your lashes, daily cleansing is required if you swim frequently, wear makeup, or have oily skin. If you don’t have a daily cleaning routine, your lashes may fall out prematurely or you may be infected with lash mites.

To clean your eyelash extensions, use an oil-free cleanser designed specifically for lash extensions. This is due to the fact that generic cleansers frequently contain glycols or emollients that have a negative impact on the adhesive used on your extensions. Also, keep in mind that cleansers with the same pH as your tears should be avoided (6.5 to 7.6).

Can you swim with eyelash extensions?
How to clean eyelash extensions after swimming

When you use the cleanser, you can apply by the following two ways: 

  • Combine the cleanser with distilled water in a foaming bottle. Then, apply the foam to the eyes and eyelids. Using a soft makeup brush, gently sweep the foam up and down the eyes, making sure to coat the lashes. Finally, rather than splashing or shooting water on the face, let freshwater run down the face to rinse away the cleanser.
  • Take a few drops of cleanser in the palm of your clean hand and swirl it with a soft makeup brush to foam it up. 

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3. Six busted myths about swimming with eyelash extensions.

When you swim with eyelash extensions, you will be confused and have some misunderstanding about it. This is some misconception and I will make it clear.

3.1. All eyelash extensions are suitable for swimming.

TRUE: At Kwin lashes, our factory offers eyelash glue that allows you to enter the water without affecting the extension of the eyelashes. But nothing is perfect, so if you are doing laps or or splashing through some waves, we do recommend throwing on a pair of goggles to avoid the extra friction.

Can you swim with eyelash extensions?

3.2. I cannot take a dip in the pool or go swimming if I have lash extensions.

FALSE: You can most definitely go swimming with eyelash extensions. Just keep in mind that you have to get your lash extensions done less than 4 hours ago.

3.3. Use waterproof mascara while swimming with eyelash extensions. 

FALSE: Nope! While swimming, mascara (including some waterproof mascaras) will most likely smudge or run. And you know, you will look like a panda while you enjoy this time.

You don’t need to use mascara even if you don’t go swimming.

3.4. Salt Water is safe for eyelash extensions.

FALSE: No, it does not. When it comes to your lashes, spending too much time in the ocean is not recommended. Because salt can weaken the bond between your extension and your natural lash, causing it to detach prematurely. If you’ve already planned an ocean vacation, grab your goggles and give your lashes some extra protection!

3.5. I don’t need to clean eyelash extensions after swimming.

FALSE: If you don’t have them already, we recommend a couple of different goodies built specifically to keep your lashes intact for longer.

4. Kwin lashes – where to buy lashes that help you to guarantee the quality and keep your lash longer.

Kwin Lashes which are located in Viet Nam guarantees to provide you with high-quality false eyelashes made from the best PBT synthetic materials. Not only do we provide excellent products, but we also offer lower prices than other factories because we have our own production facilities staffed by lash manufacturing experts. 

The lashes allows you to enter the water without affecting the extension of the eyelashes

Can you swim with eyelash extensions?
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Final Thoughts:

When you’re going swimming, always remember to protect your eyes and lashes with proper care. Besides, you mustn’t stay underwater for too long as well. That’s because both chlorine and salt are known to damage the bond created by lash glue to hold natural and fake eyelashes together. When you spend a long time soaked in chlorinated or saltwater, they can lead to premature loss of your extensions.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to clean your lashes right after the swim. 

I hope that this article helped to answer all your questions. If there are any questions, please comment below and we will discuss them together. 

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