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neon lashes: the trend of eyelash extensions

A couple of year ago, colored eyelash extensions could only be seen on the catwalks or used by artist in the events: the models walked proudly, striking everyone not only with beautiful clothes, but also with red, yellow, blue eyelashes, … Gradually, the fashion for bright eyelashes entered  ours everyday life. And it is no coincidence: color extensions are stylish, unusual and a good way to emphasize your individuality. Especially neon lashes shines that can help your eyes dramatic and attract attention  Therefore, neon lashes become the trend of eyelashes extensions. So what is neon lashes? Why is the neon lashes shines?  This article will be the answer for your question.

  1. What is neon lash?

In fact, many people know very well about color eyelashes, but when it comes to neon lash, many people are not familiar with it. So What is neon lashes? And what’s the difference between them and regular colored lashes?

1.1. What is neon lash?

Neon lashes are one of colored lash extensions however they are more special. Neon lashes also named blacklight lashes /fluorescent UV eyelashes because neon eyelashes are able to fluoresce vividly and perfectly under UV or black light and that’s makes neon eyelash extensions different from normal individual colored lashes.

Neon lash: the trend of eyelash extension

1.2. Why should get neon eyelash extension?

If you are looking for a way to make your eyes dramatic and extremely attractive, then neon eyelash extension is the ideal solution. Neon eyelash extension is specially designed for those who want a unique look for their eyes and this is definitely not what ordinary color lashes can give.

Deciding to change up for a dramatic look can be difficult for some people, but it can turn out to be the best decision you’ll ever make. Neon lash extension is no problem, it’s applied the same technique as black eyelash extension, so all you need to do is choose the color of neon lashes you want to try.

Neon lash: the trend of eyelash extension

Neon lashes can enhance your natural eye color. Sometimes it takes a little more to enhance your eyes beyond the length and volume of the extensions so adding neon lashes to the extensions can brighten your eyes and make them pop. There are several suggestions for neon lashes color for you. Neon purple  eyelash extensions make brown eyes look bigger and it is suitable for highlighting the beauty of green eyes. Neon green eyelash extensions also accentuate brown eyes and make them look trendy. Neon Blue  eyelash extensions make blue eyes look more beautiful.

More and more young people wear eyelashes at night. Neon eyelashes will also become a popular eyelash trend.

  1. Material of neon lashes

The material of the neon eyelashes greatly affects the quality of the eyelash. So what is the material for making neon lashes? Is there anything special compared to the usual color eyelashes.

2.1. All about meterial of neon lashes

Currently, the main material used by many factories for all eyelash extensions is Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). PBT yarn is imported directly from Korea, so it is superior and softer than normal synthetic fiber. Completely hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly and toxin-free. The color of neon eyelashes is brighter and more vivid than normal colored eyelashes in natural light.

Neon lash: the trend of eyelash extension

Why PBT is the choice of lash material of Kwin Lashes?

The lashes made from this material are very durable and have a natural shine. Moreover, they also hold curls better. They are very smooth, soft and silky like real fur. Quality product is a top concern that’s why we never use anything other than PBT for our extensions. To sum up, our lashes are made from high quality PBT which means they: long-lasting and flexible, hold curl, high adhesion.

2.2. Why neon lash shines ?

Neon eyelash extensions actually react to UV light, it may be brighter than normal lashes under normal light but it will glow like neon under ‘black light’ or UV light. So you need a UV light or a black light to see your lashes really sparkle. And of course, while vibrant, neon lashes don’t glow in the dark on their own. They are only activated by fluorescent or black UV lamps.

Neon lashes: the trend of eyelash extension

If you wear these lashes to a bar or neon party where there is fluorescent or UV black light, these neon lashes will glow. The color of the eyelashes when illuminated is different from the color in natural light and the brightness is different. The green will turn to fluorescent yellow-green. Pale pink becomes fluorescent orange-pink.

Warning: Do not shine the UV lamp directly into your eyes for long periods of time as it may cause damage. no UV/black light.

2.3. How to find the right color for you?

How to find the right color for you? That is a question many people are interested in.

There is no limit to the style of eyelash extensions. This makes it easy to use it in your daily life as long as you like it. Choose subtle browns or reds if you want them to accentuate your eyes but not stand out too much. If you’re a fan of bright and bold colors, get a few colored lashes mixed with your regular color or buy the whole set and make a statement.

Neon lash: the trend of eyelash extension

Coloring eyelash extensions for the first time can be intimidating. You may be confused as to how it will turn out, will it suit your eyes, should you go for the whole set or maybe just take a few strands. Don’t worry, your beautician will advise you, they are ready to help you choose the perfect color to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

There are several suggestions for neon lashes color for you. Purple neon eyelash extensions make brown eyes look bigger and it is suitable for highlighting the beauty of green eyes. Green neon eyelash extensions also accentuate brown eyes and make them look trendy. Blue neon eyelash extensions make blue eyes look more beautiful.

  1. Neon lashes is the perfect accessory for any special ococcasions

Colored neon lashes are the perfect accessory if you have a special occasion or event coming up. It can be used in Halloween, Christmas or bars. Or you simply want to have an impressive eyes. Brighten your eyes for that special day with colored neon lashes that complement and complete the look of your eyes. Just imagine, you attend a costume party and your special eyes become the spotlight Animate your eyes by choosing any color combination you want and any pattern you want . Neon lashes will give your look a different element with vibrant and colorful lashes.

Neon lash : the trend of eyelash extension

At Kwin Lashes factory, neon lashes are made in our factory under a strict inspection system by skilled technicians using high quality Korean PBT material. There are many color of neon lashes that you can choose. You would like to know more information about neon eyelashes, please do not hesitate to let us. Contact us for more detail about price and good offers.

Neon lash: the trend of eyelash extension




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