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Semi-finished eyelash extensions – Mystery behind this kind of lashes

Semi-finished eyelash extensions

Normally, we often know these types of eyelashes such as fan in lines, loose fans, and rapid premade fans. Have you heard of semi-finished eyelash extensions yet? Are you curious about the mystery behind these lashes and who buys them? How is it different from other eyelash lines? This article will help you to find an answer about semi-finished eyelash extensions

1. Definition of semi-finished eyelash extensions

In this section, I will gather all of the fundamental information about semi-finished eyelash extensions

1.1. What are semi-finished eyelash extensions?

Semi-finished eyelash extensions which are made by PBT material directly exported from Korea become the best seller in Vietnam. Semi-finished won’t be attached to the label or peeled off as loose fans, but will be as a lash line. When buying semi-finished, the seller just needs to stick it on the label to become a complete product like premade trays or loose fans.

Semi-finished eyelash extensions
Semi-finished eyelash extensions

1.2. Characteristic of semi-finished eyelash extensions.

  • Price: The price of semi-finished eyelash extensions is much cheaper than fan in lines or loose fan because it takes one step away from gluing the lashes to the label. But on the contrary, semi-finished eyelash extensions will only be suitable for factories that want to buy and resell. As for lash artists, it’s very time-consuming to use. 
  • Quality:
    • Made by PBT material which is imported directly from Korea are robust and have a natural glossy sheen. Moreover, they keep their curls better. Semi-finished eyelash extensions have good quality and are not inferior to other lashes like fan in lines and loose fans.
    • Pleased be noted that you need to know the material clearly because if it is Chinese PBT, your lashes have low retention and cause allergies. Now, a number of factories in Vietnam utilize Chinese PBT which is cheaper but Kwin Lashes Factory, we use SUPER MINK AND SUPER SILK – directly imported from Korea which ensures definitely super matte black not shiny but still light and soft
semi-finished eyelash extensions
Characteristic of semi-finished eyelash extensions

2. Customers who buy semi-finished eyelash extensions

Have you considered who buys semi-finished eyelash extensions? Although we have a lot of customers who buy semi-finished eyelash extensions from Canada, the US, China,… But most of the customers are big eyelash manufacturers in China. So why does a big eyelash manufacturer like China buy these semi-finished eyelash extensions in Vietnam?

Chinese factories resort to semi-finish lashes imported from North Korea leading to longer production time and high costs. Now because of the covid situation and omicron spread, North Korea has closed its border so China cannot import raw materials and semi-finished eyelash extensions. This caused a lot of eyelash manufacturers in China to run out of stock and have to find a supplier from other countries.

semi-finished eyelash extensions

Vietnam is a potential market with cheap labor and production costs with a huge production volume, so China has gradually turned to suppliers in Vietnam. China who buys semi-finished eyelash extensions will only need to stick it on a label with their brand and resell it to customers. Therefore, the price of premade trays/volume trays/ loose fans in China is more expensive than in Vietnam.

China used to sell the lashes with the long-term base and square base, but now you can see the lashes with the super pointy base from Chinese suppliers. Actually, the lashes with the super pointy base can only be produced by the lashes manufacturer in Vietnam. 

eyelashes extension

With 5 factories in major cities of Vietnam, Kwin Lashes’s has been producing 𝟑𝟎𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎+ lash trays monthly. Such mass production has enabled Kwin Lashes to minimize the costs of manufacturing and have the best reasonable price for semi-finished eyelash extensions in the market. Therefore, Kwin lashes are trusted by many customers from China, and Kwin lashes wholesale prices start from 2 USD/TRAY which is an amazing price level for premium quality. Contact Ms. Sunny for quote: +84 795 324 218 (Ms. Sunny)

Read more:

3. Review of China customers when buying semi-finished eyelash extensions from Kwin lashes.

Customer feedback can turn a small company into a big company in a short time and vice versa. And our company is the first case. The trust of Chinese customers helps Kwin lashes affirm its quality of semi-finished eyelash extensions and other types of lashes and prestige in the market.

Read our customer reviews below. If you do not believe it, you can purchase our samples and feel! We never let our customers down.

semi-finished eyelash extensions
Feedback from Chinese customers at Kwin lashes (semi-finished eyelash extensions)

The first customer said that: ” she is very happy and will order semi-finished eyelash extensions again”.

Other customer said that: ” Their customer love my premade lashes”

And, we have such a lot of good reviews from Chinese customers like that but we can not show all of them in this article.

If you want to see more, you can contact me:

 Ms. Sunny Sales Manager at Kwin lashes: WhatsApp: +84 795 324 218 (Ms. Sunny)

4. Kwin lashes – the biggest manufacturer of semi-finished eyelash extensions in Vietnam

Kwin Lashes is a large manufacturer and wholesaler in Vietnam, and in 2022, it was ranked as the top lashes factory in the country. Kwin Lashes has over 30 years of experience in producing and exporting lashes all over the world. In truth, many companies in Vietnam use Chinese PBT because it is less expensive, but at Kwin Lashes Factory, we use SUPER MINK AND SUPER SILK, which are imported straight from Korea and ensure a super matte black that is not shiny but still light and soft. Semi-finished eyelash extensions prices start from 0,19$ for 1 lines( 25 – 30 fans).

semi-finished eyelash extensions
semi-finished eyelash extensions
semi-finished eyelash extensions
Bonding the base of the lashes – one of the steps making eyelashes

While price is an important aspect of business, it should not be the only one considered. Kwin Lashes employs a diverse group of skilled personnel and adheres to a thorough quality control procedure. Before providing a product to a consumer, we make sure it’s perfect.

In addition, Kwin lashes is the pioneer for buying semi-finished eyelash extensions in the market. We are confident that my factory has the best price in Vietnam and support all customers to give the advice to take the best result of the final products. 

semi-finished eyelash extensions





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