10D Loose Strip Premade fans

Upgrade your lash game with the Kwin Lashes Rapid Promade Fan. Embrace the convenience of compact packaging, the elegance of symmetrical handmade fans, and the superior quality of unique Korean PBT. Achieve stunning lash extensions effortlessly and confidently with the Rapid Promade Fan. Try it today and elevate your lash game to new heights. 

Key Features
  • Capacity: 500 fans -1000 fans/ box (As requested)
  • Material: High quality Korean PBT
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, J, B (requested)
  • Thickness (for 10D): 0.03/ 0.05
  • 100% handmade, pointy base
  • Symmetrical fans
  • Pre-arranged in a row – faster and easier to pick up
How To Use

Step 1: Separate the strips using hand or tweezers

Step 2: Lay the strip on a silicon pad

Step 3: Pick the fan from the base

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