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Lash retention issues: The causes and solutions| Kwin lashes

Lash retention issues - the causes and solutions at Kwin lashes

If “The eyes are the windows of the soul”, then thick, long, and curled eyelashes will be the highlight for “that window”. However, we can’t always make a beautiful and satisfactory set of eyelashes just due to accidentally getting some lash retention issues. Therefore, Kwin will give some application solutions to help you deal with your lash retention issues.

Lash Retention Issues: The Causes And Solutions Kwin Lashes
Lash retention issues

1. What Are The Common Lash Retention Issues And Why?

Lash extension retention is a common concern in the lash industry, frequently resulting in dissatisfied clients and stressed-out lash artists. Even the most skilled lash artists can encounter adhesive lash retention issues

1.1. Lash Retention Issues: Poor Lashes Apply

Poor lashes application is one of the reasons that often leads to bad retention and makes clients feel disappointed. The importance of placement in volume lashing cannot be overstated. A major reason for poor lash retention issues is incorrectly applying volume fans too close to the lash or too far away from the natural lash.

The causes and solutions of Lash retention issues at Kwin lashes
Solving poor lashes application

Moreover, applying poor lashes also results in undesirable effects such as falling your real eyelashes, causing allergies, or even inflammation of the eyes. 

Therefore, you should also be aware of the ideal positioning for each lash like side, top, or bottom placement. You may not be obtaining the best retention possible if you apply all of your fans in the same way.

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1.2.  Lash Retention Issues: Unstable Fans Or Overloaded Lash Line

The second factor causing lash retention issues is unstable fans or an overloaded lash line. The manifestation of this problem is that the lashes are going in different directions, they are crossed or asymmetrical. The result is even worse than imagined! 

Besides, twisting and flipping lashes can cause your client’s unneeded pain or suffering. Alternatively, a droopy lash line can be caused by the overuse of lash extensions. The client’s eye is burdened down and seems unnatural as a result.

Lash retention issues: The causes and solutions at Kwin lashes
Solution for unstable lashes

The crux of this mistake is hurrying when producing handmade fans without taking care of the application or without being able to properly make volume fans. This will bring your lash a confusing look. Anymore, avoid using ideal lash extension placement for crowded lash lines to get back a nice lash.

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1.3.  Lash Retention Issues: Bad Quality Adhesive Control

It’s really common recently while there are some lashes manufactured using poor-quality glue. Some may think that it’s not a big problem for using deficient adhesive control. But it’s not!

Kwin lashes Lash retention issues with the causes and solutions
Solving lash retention issues

Making use of poor-quality glue can not only cause lash retention issues but also leads to irritation, allergy, and it will be even serious when the glue falls into your eyes. You should take notice if your eyes are becoming itchier and itchier, burning, or swelling, those are some symptoms that warn of bad adhesive control.

Not only making your eyes irritate, but it also causes some lash retention issues that let your false lashes fall down quickly. The fans can be collapsed one by one, even when you’ve applied the lash extension for 1 to 2 days.

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2. How To Solve The Lash Retention Issues? 

The lash retention issues are varied, they can not only let your false lashes fall down rushedly but they can even affect your eyes. That’s why it’s really necessary for you to find out the solutions to solve them!

2.1. Solution For Lash Retention Issues: Never Swipe

When catching your eyelashes falling down, you should not swipe them. The justification for this is that when you start swiping, the glue will be dried out as well. That results in the messiness of your eyelashes.

Instead of swiping, there will be a better option for you is dipping the lashes extension into the adhesive for about 1 to 3 mm only. After that, pull it out slowly and carefully. By using this way, your false lashes can be gotten out easily without any harm.

If you are still afraid of the poor-quality glue that will create lash retention issues, we would highly recommend you use some lash factories like Kwin Lashes that use only heat-bonded methods for better lash protection.

Lash retention issues: The causes and solutions at Kwin lashes Factory
heat-bonded lashes extension

2.2. Solution For Lash Retention Issues: Using The Nebulizer

In addition to not swiping, one thing you can do to avoid lash retention issues is using a nebulizer. Remember the humidity in the air plays a big part in how well the adhesive grabs and bonds. In the ideal range from 45% to 60%, humidity works as an ‘activator’ for lash extension glue’s adhesion. 

Low humidity will slow the adhesive process down; however, in high humidity, the over-activated cyanoacrylate will simply stop working and lead to less bond strength.

Lash retention issues - the causes and solutions at Kwin lashes
heat-bonded lashes extension Kwin Lashes

Therefore, a lash nebulizer, which introduces a controlled amount of moisture to the air cools and refreshes the skin while it cures the adhesive, is extremely important. A humidifier could be all you need to maintain your adhesive’s quality to avoid lash retention issues.

2.3. Solution For Lash Retention Issues: Temperature Zone

There is another thing you should keep in mind is temperatures also affect performance.  If you lash at or below this temperature and you constantly get lash retention issues, the problem is incorrect temperature. The ideal temperature to avoid lash retention issues is 21-26C (70-78F, the higher the temperature the faster the cure will happen), and most of them will work between 30-65% humidity.

Lash retention issues: The causes and solutions at Kwin lashes
heat-bonded lashes extension feedback

Make use of an aircon/heater, you won’t regret it. If you turn them on, make sure you’re not using your hygrometer when standing in the direct path of the vent, because there can be a huge difference between what’s coming out of the vent and the surrounding air. 

Hence, you may think that your room’s temperature is moderate, but when in fact the ambient could be much higher/lower. A tip for you: setting your heating/cooling unit at 22-24°C (~72°F) then your room will be at an ideal temperature.

That’s All!

It’s common to see that your eyelash retention has a bad quality, it could come from your lashes factory’s issues, but sometimes it may come from your carelessness. However, you should make a good choice of lashes factory to avoid serious lash retention issues. We would like to recommend Kwin Lashes Factory, one of the most famous worldwide lashes extension factories.

Lash retention issues: The causes and solutions at Kwin lashes
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