5D Promade Fan Narrow XL Tray 20 Lines

Are you tired of spending excessive amounts of time organizing loose fans? Give our Promade fan XL tray a try! With hundreds of promade fans neatly arranged in a row, it becomes incredibly convenient to pick up the fans.

Our fans are meticulously handcrafted, featuring a remarkably small pointy base, ensuring a beautiful symmetrical appearance.

Key Features
  • Capacity: 900 fans/ tray (As requested)
  • Material: High quality Korean PBT
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, J, B (requested)
  • Thickness (for 5D): 0.07
  • 100% handmade, pointy base
  • Symmetrical fan
  • Pre-arranged in a row – faster and easier to pick up
  • Foil backing label card

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